Announcement from Phoenix Synergies

Announcement from Phoenix Synergies

The Board has agreed to allow for requested invitations the following:

Preferred shares of stock for Phoenix Synergies, Inc.

$6.00 per share

$54.00 dollar minimum (9 shares minimum)

Request for invitations will be accepted beginning on February 2nd, 2015

No request for invitation will be accepted after March 1, 2015

Company Disclosure shall be updated January 31st, 2015

At this time and based upon the most recent information, The Board fully expects to have tours of the new International Training Facility on March 6th & 7th.

Our best
Board of Directors

ALSO! Beginning Monday February the 2nd Don Smith will be appearing on Phoenix Rising Radio to give a weekly progress update on the StyroRez International Training Center!

Mr. Smith will continue doing Monday night updates every week leading up to the Phoenix Synergies meet and greet!

Be sure to listen in for all of the updates and other important information that Don will share!

Update From Don Smith ~ Wednesday, December 17th 2014

December 17, 2014

*YOU must choose your territory-We can’t as we don’t know your range.

*NO territory may be designated without the application

*Some territories have been designated

(a) We can NOT sell another Master Dealer within your territory---and technically:

(b) Anyone wishing to participate in PSI within your designated territory must be referred to you

(c) Once the Master Dealership is "Official" we'll have a special show on Phoenix Radio to get you additional contacts

(d) We will run the request on our website--( Tim Fox will assist with the wording )

(e) Plastics Industry journals, websites, etc ( we MUST do this advertisement together...Tim Fox, our attorney & COO will work with you guys on that.

(f) Chamber of Commerce--Local & National

Financing available once applications have been submitted & Territories awarded

There is a Typo on the application regarding “certified” financial statements—a standard short form financial statement is sufficient. Also--please do not send Tax Reports to us. Have them ready to send to lenders agent.

Community forum newsletter

*Website advertising
*Resin Buyers ----
*Market absorption to get a foothold in the industry is essential
*Again---application is a must

Announcement From Phoenix Synergies!

Announcement From Phoenix Synergies

Phoenix Synergies Inc. is pleased to announce that the distributorships for the exclusive Phoenix Synergies Inc. Styrofoam recycling process are now available to the public! 

These dealerships are available in two levels, one being the standard dealership and the other being a Master dealership.

Both are offered under the Phoenix Synergies Inc. trademark division of “StyroRez”.

A standard StyroRez dealership will receive and process the Styrofoam in your area and ship the resulting product to Phoenix Synergies Inc. or to a Master Dealership for final processing. A Master StyroRez dealership will not only process the Styrofoam in your area but will also sell the finished recycled product directly to manufacturers with the aid and assistance of StyroRez Corp and Phoenix Synergies Inc.

Not only that, but Phoenix Synergies Inc. will provide to all StyroRez Master Dealerships the initial contacts to facilitate the StyroRez dealership to buyer relationships.

To receive your information about becoming a StyroRez dealer in your area with all of the details,  send an e-mail to: and be sure to include your name, actual physical address and e-mail address to receive your information packet today. All applications for StyroRez dealerships will require a $250 dollar application fee when application with accompanying required information is submitted to Phoenix Synergies Inc.

Also, Phoenix Synergies Inc. is excited to announce that the international training facility for StryoRez located in Ocala Florida will be open for business in the beginning of January 2015!

Soon after the opening of the StyroRez training center, Phoenix Synergies Inc. will be hosting a shareholder “meet and greet” at the facility to showcase the process, machinery and classrooms.
A private invitation will be sent shortly.  Invited shareholders are welcome to come and tour the facility, see the process in action and to meet the Phoenix Synergies Inc. team. A good time will be had by all and refreshments will be provided.

But that is not all .. Phoenix Synergies Inc. also owns the exclusive rights to three other technologies! Phoenix Synergies Inc. plans that two of these new technologies and possibly all three will be introduced to the public and operational before the end of 2015.

Don Smith of Phoenix Synergies will soon be a guest on Phoenix Rising Radio to go into detail on all of these exciting announcements and will explain what this all means for the future of Phoenix Synergies Inc. and future StyroRez dealership owners.

So again, to receive information on becoming a StyroRez dealer in your area, send your request and contact information to: